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Private Yoga Instructor & Health Coach

About Katie

A resident of Ocean Beach in San Diego, CA, Katie Polin is registered yoga teacher and health coach who specializes in private instruction. She teaches a strong, alignment-based vinyasa flow to help her clients achieve and maintain their optimal condition of mind and body. She has helped her clients reduce their stress levels, lose weight, cope with anxiety and depression, and increase muscle tone and flexibility.


Katie began teaching yoga in 2013 and has been practicing yoga since 2008. She specializes in working with business professionals, health & wellness professionals, new mothers, athletes, and couples.


In addition to her private lessons, Katie has also enjoyed teaching group classes in Panama and Costa Rica, corporate yoga for Tumblr Inc. and Birchbox Inc. in New York City, and volunteer meditation classes for the New York Harm Reduction Educators.


Private Yoga and Health Coaching

  • In-person sessions held in your home

  • Virtual sessions via FaceTime/Skype are also available

  • All sessions are 60 minutes


Let's get started

(212) 769-8783,



"Katie has had a tremendous impact on our lives over the course of the year and a half we have worked with her. We have gained a deeper understanding of yoga and learned to set and achieve both short and long term health goals. Katie's enthusiasm, cheerful disposition, and can do attitude make our weekly sessions something both of us look forward to." 

- Nicole and Travis Meserve

"It has been a true pleasure working with Katie over the past year.  She is caring, focused, reliable, and considerate.  We have found her skilled not only at teaching new poses and fine tuning our form, but also at finding the appropriate pace to advance such that we're not overwhelmed but always challenged.  Living busy lives in hectic NYC, we've come to value our sessions with Katie not only for the strength, flexibility, and balance they have helped us build, but the mental relief and peace they bring to our lives."

 - Mike and Megan Asmar


"This year has been such an uplifting experience and these private sessions have been key.  When I began with you last year I had just wanted to find a way to learn about yoga and to focus on me for an hour in the day.  But it has done so much more.  It has built back my confidence, my strength and has helped me understand my body better than I ever have.  I will continue my practice of course.  And thank you for helping me get to where I am."

- Natalie Kenny


"Katie's approach to teaching yoga is accessible to beginners, but also rigorous enough to satisfy experienced yogis. She has a clear and friendly approach, and takes the time to get to know her students' goals and limitations. She effortlessly creates a positive, productive environment for physical and spiritual growth."

- Bill Eager


"Katie is an amazing instructor, whether in class or a private session. Before practicing with Katie, I always wondered if I was doing the poses correctly. In our private classes, Katie took me through each pose one by one to make sure the alignment was perfect. We modified each pose so that I was getting the maximum benefit without risking injury. 


Katie is also great at keeping the breath at the center of every pose. This is such a difference from most yoga classes. Her focus on the breath actually makes the poses easier and makes the class feel like a long, relaxing meditation. 


Private classes with Katie are well worth it. I learned more in one private class than in a year's worth of regular yoga classes at a studio. The attention to detail completely changed my practice and solidified yoga as a regular part of my life."

- Stephanie Lupo


"The yoga sessions in the Tumblr office bring a breath of fresh of air to the day to day happenings of the company.  They are a great way for employees to unwind and interact with people on different teams.  Katie Polin is extremely warm and welcoming to everyone and adaptable to all different levels of yoga experience."

- Megan Leet, Tumblr, Inc.

         (212) 769-8783
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