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Yoga Conditioning for Athletes

Katie's training as a yoga teacher most prominantly draws from the Atmananda Yoga Sequence, which is heavily focused on proper alignment, joint conditioning, and increasing flexibility while maintaining strength. Katie teaches a consistent series of poses that are both physically and mentally challenging in order to increase the athlete's body awareness, mental clarity, and healthy physical state. A consistent practice of her yoga conditioning program maintains a strong sense of willingness, determination, and energy to perform at the forefront of the athlete's mind.


Katie was trained to teach using a specially designed yoga mat (pictured below) in order to keep the practitioners maintained in perfect body alignment. These mats are mathmatically designed by height so that the athlete never has to second guess himself about where his hands or feet belong in any pose. Most importantly, the lines on these yoga mats insure that the athlete will not be injured during yoga by over-extending on the achilles tendons, wrist or knee joints because his body will constantly be in perfect alignment.

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